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I am a Software Engineer from Kerala,India. I have been working as web and mobile developer for 3 years. I have built websites and products for startups and medium businesses. Currently working as a Software Engineer at NEOITO


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Dynamic pages in Nextjs and prefetching data

Nextjs allows us to create dynamic routes very easily. This is a detailed tutorial to implement it the right way.Dynamically created slug can be used in the component with useRouter Hook from next/router.

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Performance of recursion versus iteration in javascript: An Interactive analysis

We will run tests to compare the time it takes for each method to calculate the power function. We will compare space complexity and time complexity.

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How to use query params to pass data to another page and read that using javascript

You have a page that has a list of items. When you click on it, we pass the name of the item to another page. And you want it as simple as it can get.

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