Learning by creating projects [Part 2]

Here we work on the first epic Project Listing and Selection:

User stories

  1. As a user, I want to browse and search for projects so that I can discover interesting projects to work on.
  2. As a user, I want to see projects displayed as cards with relevant details and descriptions to quickly assess their suitability.
  3. As a user, I want to filter projects based on categories and tags to find projects that align with my interests and skills.
  4. As a user, I want to click on a project card to view more details about the project, such as its objectives and requirements.
  5. As a user, I want the project listing page to have a clear and intuitive layout, so I can easily navigate through the available projects.
  6. As a user, I want to have a "back" button or link to return to the project listing after viewing the details of a specific project.
  7. As a user, I want the project listing to be regularly updated, showing the most relevant and up-to-date projects first.
  8. As a user, I want the website to remember my preferences and show me relevant project recommendations based on my previous selections.
  9. As a user, I want the project cards to include an image or icon representing the project, helping me quickly recognize and differentiate projects.
  10. As a user, I want to easily share interesting projects with my friends or colleagues through social media or email.
  11. As a user, I want to have a search bar to find specific projects based on keywords or project names.
  12. As a user, I want the website to load quickly and be responsive, providing a smooth and efficient browsing experience.


Task: Design Project Listing Page

  • Create wireframes and mockups for the project listing page.
  • Design a clean and user-friendly interface with a card-based layout.
  • Include project details such as project name, description, category, and tags in each card.
  • Ensure responsive design for various devices.

Task: Implement Project Search and Filters

  • Add a search bar to the project listing page for users to search projects by keywords.
  • Implement filters based on categories and tags to enable users to narrow down their project search.

Task: Project Listing Data Management

  • Set up a database to store project information, including project details and associated metadata (categories, tags).
  • Develop an API or backend service to fetch and serve project data to the frontend.

Task: Display Project Details

  • Create a separate page to display detailed information about a selected project.
  • Include project objectives, requirements, and any additional relevant details.

Task: Enable Project Card Click Functionality

  • Implement a click event on project cards to redirect users to the detailed project page.

Task: Implement Pagination or Infinite Scrolling

  • Add pagination or infinite scrolling to the project listing page to handle a large number of projects.

Task: Create "Back" Button or Link

  • Include a "back" button or link on the detailed project page to allow users to return to the project listing.

Task: Dynamic Project Sorting

  • Implement dynamic sorting options for project listing (e.g., sort by relevance, popularity, date added).
  • Allow users to change the sorting order based on their preferences.

Task: Recent Project Highlight

  • Create a section on the project listing page to highlight recently added projects.
  • Display the most recent projects at the top of the listing.

Task: User Project History Tracking

  • Implement a mechanism to track and store users' project history.
  • Use this history to offer personalized project recommendations.

Task: Integrate Social Media Sharing

  • Add social media sharing buttons to project cards, allowing users to easily share projects they find interesting.

Task: Implement User Interaction Analytics

  • Set up tracking to gather user interaction data on the project listing page.
  • Analyze user behavior to identify popular projects and improve the user experience.

Task: Error Handling and Feedback

  • Implement error handling for invalid search queries or when no projects match the search criteria.
  • Provide clear feedback to users when search results are not found.

Task: Testing and Bug Fixing

  • Conduct thorough testing of the project listing functionality on different devices and browsers.
  • Address and fix any bugs or issues discovered during testing.

Task: Performance Optimization

  • Optimize the performance of the project listing page to ensure fast loading times and smooth user experience.